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KOREK PRODUCTION we Deliver Photorealistic Virtual Sets for TV productions 
We design rich, photorealistic environments powered by Unreal Engine to elevate production value, engage viewers, and enhance your storytelling. It is ideal for creating unique studio settings, showcasing content in more compelling ways, and adding visual impact to elections, sports and entertainment shows, news programs, and other live broadcast productions.
Not to mention that we provide unique and visually stunning set designs for Television and Studio production houses, and all our designs are powered by Unreal Engine.
Our Virtual Studios is a TV set design With AAA Quality. You will find different corners and a massive area for your camera shots. The set includes a few video walls, easy to change the video's content, and you have the ability to change the video's background according to your needs. 
Integrate your project's Virtual set News Map with props and studio architecture. Compatible with the PC platform, you can use it for different platforms after adding the required inputs and controllers.


Technical Details


Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Materials: 20 Materials 

Meshes: 10 Meshes 


Textures: 13 Textures


Textures ranging from 1024x1024 , 20486x2048 to 4096x4096

Texture assets include diffuse, Normals, AO, metallic, roughness, and emissive.

Collision: Yes, Complex Collision as Simple & Simple Box

Vertex Count: Most meshes are under 500 vertices


Supported Intended Platform: Desktop


Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, Tested on desktop, however you can use it for different platforms.

Documentation: No

LODs: No


Note: Product version Unreal 4.27 "other versions are available upon request

Virtual Religion Set 01

$79.00 Regular Price
$39.50Sale Price
  • Virtual set unreal engine version 4.24

    You can upgrade it by switching the version to any ue4 version or UE5

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